Navsarjan Staff

Navsarjan’s Fieldworkers: navsarjanIn direct contact with the addressees of Navsarjan’s efforts—as well as with its adversaries—Navsarjan’s fieldworkers are the true face and the arms of the organisation. Everyday they are exposed to complex situations, ranging from the worst atrocity cases to domestic disputes. Fieldworkers are required, at times, to fill in forms and write letters, settle arguments between conflicting parties and deal with the authorities—all while being inspiring community leaders.

Navsarjan’s fieldworkers have become “all around activists” who visit Dalit communities in the villages and run district and taluka offices. Navsarjan currently employs about 100 fieldworkers, each of whom must complete a one-year training course that equips them with the necessary legal, political and social knowledge to counsel, represent and support Dalit villagers whenever they are confronted by an administrative body.  They are supported in their daily activities by a range of volunteers (Swayamsevaks), many of whom have themselves taken part in Navsarjan’s training programs.

However, the best preparation and ultimately the greatest asset that Navsarjan’s fieldworkers possess is the fact that they were born and raised in the very villages they work in. This gives them an almost natural understanding of the problems faced by their fellow Dalits, and helps them to build the network of acquaintances and relations crucial for fieldwork. Knowing and befriending village representatives, schoolteachers, police inspectors or even paan and tea wallas proves to be very helpful in their daily activities. It keeps them informed of the latest developments and insures a smooth collaboration when it is needed most.

Within the communities, Navsarjan’s fieldworkers are revered for their dedication and determination.  Those in positions of power—often the enemies of the exploited—fear the fieldworkers for these same reasons, and threats are not uncommon.  Thus, it is a genuine process of empowerment that actually takes place through the social workers, whereby their knowledge, skills and personal strengths contribute to release the potential of many other villagers.

  1. excellent work. specially the idol kept dr. ambedkar. but i wud like to request suggest. keep before राष्ट्रपिता ज्योतिबा फुले, सामाजिक न्याय के सर्जक महाराजा सयाजीराव गायकवाड, राजर्षि छत्रपति शाहूजी महाराज, बाधीसत्व डॉ. बाबासाहेब आंबेडकर the sequence. and if u feel hotchpotch, thenat least keep maharaja sayajirao gaikwad & Ambedkar. the branches and leaves not important, root is important. , kamlesh patil, delhi pradesh president, maratha seva sangh, delhi

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