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Discrimination against women highlighted during campaign in Surendranagar

manjula16Navsarjan Trust, in alliance with Gujarat Women Rights Council (GWRC), under its director, Manjula Pradeep, began its campaign of the International Women’s Day, March 8, in Choraniya village of Limbdi block in Surendranagar district. During the campaign, which took place in a large number of villages of the district, the team interacted with several suffering women, young and old, as also school-going children, and was shocked to find unprecedented discrimination in Gujarat’s rural areas. Developmental work has not touched these villages, especially their Dalit areas. Dalit women feel further neglected and discriminated against.


Interview with Manjula Pradeep

ManjulaPradeepAn interview was published in Dalit Network Nederland ( with Manjula Pradeep, executive director, Navsarjan Trust, whom Mari Thekaekara, the interviewer, has watched grow from a novice, an inexperienced young girl in the early 1090s into “a confident, assured, gutsy Dalit leader over the last 20 years”.  The interviewer says, “Manjula traces the history of her struggle for Dalit rights from her early induction into Navsarjan Trust, as a raw, young recruit and her tumultuous journey to her present post as head of Navsarjan, often representing Dalits in the UN and other national and international fora.” During the interview, Manjula Pradeep stresses, “We have to give our girls moral and emotional support and strength to get out of bad marriages before they are killed. We need good counselors for our girls who have been battered, traumatized and burnt in domestic violence cases. A completely different level of counseling is required for raped and trafficked victims.”


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