No end to woes of women manual scavengers

Following successful conclusion of the strike by manual scavengers in Dudhrej, a spontaneous struggle erupted in Wadhwan (click HERE to read), another town of Surendranagar district in the second week of September against the despicable practice of forcing cleaning workers to manually clean up nighsoil. Those who led the struggle were Wadhwan manual scavenging women. It found its immediate support from Navsarjan Trust. The demands included providing them with modern equipment, so that they do not have to continue with the caste-base work which leads to health hazard. They also demanded implementation of minimum wages. A compromise was struck, and the women workers were returned to work. However, photographs taken by Navsarjan Trust activist Natubhai Parmar show, the authorities are not interested  in implementing the agreement. On October 2, Gandhi’s birthday, they were forced to clean up human excreta manually.



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