Death in manholes: Govt indifference in paying compensation

gutterNavsarjan Trust plea under right to information (RTI) suggested that a total of 101 persons, mainly belonging to the Valmiki community, died in Gujarat as a result “accidental deaths” while working as safai karmacharis between 2005 and 2014. Out of this, in 46 cases no compensation has been paid, while in rest of the 55 cases Rs 58 lakh was paid. The RTI reply suggests, only three of the 55 safai karmacharis who have  are been paid compensation were found to “qualify” themselves as having died while working as gutter workers in manhole as they officially died due to asphyxiation and hence were paid Rs 2 lakh each. As for rest of the 52, they were paid just Rs 1 lakh each, as their death was “accidental”.

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