Untouchability in India: A photography project

A photo-documentary book created to tell the story of the community that occupies the lowest place in the Indian social structure. Vivien Francis worked in Navsarjan for her summer internship in the year 2010 as a masters student from the Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice, University of San Diego, US and had taken amazing pictures. She wants to raise funds for Navsarjan to help in their education program. Please click on this news item and support her project.

The photo-book is composed of 76 pages with more than 130 photographs and text that provide a description of some aspects of daily challenges faced by the Dalit community in India.  It also highlights some of the transformation and change that has started to happen as a result of individuals and institutions’ work to fight the injustices of the oppressive social structure. To see a copy of the book go to: http://www.vivienfrancis.com/Photo_Book.html

Also see video on the exhibition by clicking on the following image:

Dalit photo documentary video


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